Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Revolution In Nigeria (Let's Occupy Until Change Prevail)


I am from Africa, precisely Nigeria I am a young talented Nigerian, but my dreams have not come to reality because of some stingy, tightfisted and wicked Nigerian Leaders who believe the country go around them alone, we can make change right from our mind. Let our Yes be Yes and our No be No. We Nigerians cannot stand on our words, and we also have challenge of saying No to what we actually need to say No know too. I have been through a lot in my mother’s land, ups and downs but the downs were overwhelming. I ought to have finished My Bachelor Degrees in the University, I have not even started because I do not have a connection in school to help me process examination been passed. Connection means an outstanding Godfather who is financially Capable or In Power. Nigeria is a corrupt Nation. Our youth are really fighting hard to make a living, in this process of making a living, many end up on a bad note, just few came out successful.

Nigeria can only move ahead if the youth stand up and say No to corruption. Without an end to corruption, No matter the prayer, Nigeria will not move forward, imagine a country with enormous mineral resources with nothing to show for, yet we still scout for what we have in abundant. We have Crude, Petroleum, Coal, Cocoa, Rich lands for planting. Still yet we import our food, Import our refined fuels. Come to think of this again, we need to make our leaders know that the nation is due for change.

I am ready to fight back because I do not want to tell my kids that Nigeria will be better tomorrow because my Dad also said this to me. Now I am Twenty one years. How long will this “Nigerian will be better” continue. We need to put an end to this, we need to say no, we need to go after these leaders; we need to murder them if they do not want to change because if we don’t do so, it will tell on our Kids and Kids to come. We need an Organization, either foreign organization or local to help make this dream come to reality. They us funds that belongs to the citizens to send their kids to foreign schools. List of Corrupt leaders being celebrated in the country, Flex around, flaunt and live large at the detriment of the poor Nigerians.

Femi Otedola (CEO of African Petroleum with many others) – Involved in Subsidy Fraud

Lawan Farouk Muhammed (Chairman of the House Committee on Finance) – Involved in Subsidy Bribe

Akingbola Erastus (Former Managing Director) – Loot Intercontinental Bank Money

Celica Ibru (CEO of Oceanic Bank) – Loot Oceanic Bank Money for personal use

Hayiya Fati Mazangari (Oil & Gas Magnate) – Pension Fraud, Loot N1 Billion

James Ibori (Loot Delta State Government Fund)

Orji Uzo Kalu (N5 billion loot) – On EFCC wanted list

Bola Ahmed Tinubu (loot Lagos State Fund)

Bode George (N100 billion) – Number one most wanted man by EFCC

We live like animals; In Nigeria is all about Survival of The Fittest. We need to fight this in a big scale.

If you love to be part of change say YES or make your comment, or make contributions here, it will be appreciated.

This fight is ours, no one will fight the fight for you or for me, in unity, oneness, togetherness, lets occupy the country (Nigeria), but not the way Boko-Haram are occupying the north part of Nigeria.
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Brother cool write up, this is what we want in the country, People to stand to say No to corruption, If people of Ghana did not stand up, Ghana won't be what they are today.