Thursday, October 25, 2012

Big Brother Winner Karen Igho's Nude Photo

May God continue to have his mercy on us, I feel it is not just the tattoo you can all see, She is just not showing off her tattoo but also a topless.

The lady in the photo above is said to be the Big Brother Africa winner Karen Igho. This is a slap in the face for Big Brother Africa and to Karen Igho’s family.

With this am very sure Big Brother Africa shouldn’t be encouraged, because these are one of their grooms.

This is someones child on a social site that is even bigger than a National Television. LOL


Anonymous said...

Is this the Future? Madness to it highest point

Anonymous said...

Wht nonsense, women with all evil act, their minds are full of evil, if not for eve this world won't be what it is now. Another eve like cossy is also breeding herself, God have mercy

Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry 4 ladies of dis day. I dont see them at the top anymore, Bad example to upcomin n to the future of any country.