Monday, October 15, 2012

Fight Ensued Between Couple and Baby Over Breast Sucking

On Sunday, at about 1pm midnight, Couple living next door, had a fight which I over-heard argument over who to suck first.

The man in question had an argument with his wife when the wife decided to breast feed the crying baby, but  the wife had to attend to the baby first. They shouted at each other over the night, which struck me and i really like to know who is entitled, is it the father or the baby?

Like we all know that God has created everything for a purpose, a man for a woman and vice verse.  The question I wanna ask now is that who actually is the breast created for, the man or the Baby.

The baby will only suck for few years and drop.

For me, I believe the breast of a woman is solely and exclusive for the baby, because a baby will hardly survive without the breast but the man will definitely survive with or without the breast.

Breast sucking for man is just a Fantasy of life.What is your take in this?


Anonymous said...

Gift of God for both father and mother. Though for the child, the father can borrow for sometime.

Anonymous said...

Na wa, Na the baby get breast now, this man must be a comedian