Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lagos State University (LASU) New Matriculation Number for Electronic Payment

There are three new categories on the new payment of Tuition Fee in Lagos State University.
  1.  New Matriculation number that will be used to make tuition fee payment via electronic payment. Click here to check for new matriculation number.
  2.  New payment is for both the Main Campus and External Campus.
  3.  Steps on how to check outstanding, and Tuition fee for the 2012/2013 school fees. Click here on how to check outstanding payment and how to make payment
All payment in Lagos State University will be done via Electronic payment; it is for Undergraduate, Postgraduate and sandwich student of the Lagos State University. The new development will definitely help the student and the school management to monitor funds and also it will help student to track the fees without asking any LASU administrator to check one document or the other.

The Matriculation numbers are in several batches but the school has released the first batch which can be found above, as soon as order batches are around, I will keep your updated.

If you feel you will be having troubles with the new payment system, Please feel free drop your comment or contact details.

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