Monday, October 15, 2012

Penalty: Chief Justice of the Federation Defiled Lagos State Traffic Law

On Sunday at about 12:40pm,  the Chief Justice of the Federation, Justice Mariam Aloma defiled the Lagos State Traffic Law by driving on the BRT lane. BRT lane defaulters are subjected to pay N25, 000 but in the case of the Chief Justice of Federation, what do you think should be her penalty aside from just paying N25,000.

Leaders are suppose to lay good example. I am expecting to hear from the Lagos state Governor Fashola over this.


Anonymous said...

Bad leader with bad example, A whole Chief Justice of federation. She needs to pay more than N25,000 as a penalty. What is Fashola during over this,n where is the so called Justice in guardroom or where?

Anonymous said...

Yeye woman, Na N1,000,000 dem suppose collect from her.

Anonymous said...

Chief Justice of federation is an asshole, Nigerian leaders act like illiterate. Imagine a Justice of Federation violating rules and regulation.