Monday, November 19, 2012

Ad-Dynamo - Start Earning With Twitter Account

Google AdSense for those that have been banned by Google or have Google Ad serving to their blog disabled. I have been using Ad dynamo for some time now on my blog, and I have high hopes that it will definitely be a better alternative for Google Ad.

As a Nigerian signed up with Ad dynamo , you can receive your earnings in:

  • Dollars using your Papal Account.
  • Ad dynamo Debit Card which will be issued to you.
  • Naira paid into your bank account.

  • Note: for you to be paid in Naira, you must provide your Bank Account number during the registration process because you can’t choose to be paid in Naira after you have completed you registration, the only option you have as at the time of compiling this post is to open another Account, then ask for your earnings to be transferred to your new account. So if you are a Nigerian and don’t have a PayPal account or you can’t wait for the Ad dynamo Debit card to be issued to you. You should choose to be paid in Naira during registration and provide you bank account number so that you will be paid in Naira.

    How to setup Ad dynamo Account
    To setup Ad dynamo account, follow these steps:
  • visit Ad dynamo and click on Become a Publisher button.
  • Click on sign up now and complete the sign up form with your correct information.
  • Click on Tell us how to pay you and select Nigeria as your country and change currency you will be paid in to Naira.
  • Complete the space provided with your bank account information.
  • Select Ad preferences, enter the security code and click on the complete registration button.
  • Click on new Chanel (1) as in the picture below.
  • Give your Chanel a unique name, select the website/blog to embed the code, choose advert Type and Advert Display Type and click on create Channel as in the picture below.
  • Click on icon (2) to get the Ad dynamo code that you will embed in your blog/website.
  • For help on how to configure, connect or link Facebook,Twitter,with blog, just drop your comment with email address below

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    jozef de marien said...

    ure the best, thanks man i have been searching 4 alternative 2 adsense.....i tink dis would do....once again tanks alot man.....