Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Surf Internet With United State Internet Procotol (IP)

Get a United State Internet Protocol (IP) On your Computer HTTP Secure is a software used to by-pass some restricted Internet protocol, It is well known that the United State of America IP's is accepted around the globe. US IP gives access to websites that does not accept Nigerian IP's, so with HTTP Secure Tunnel, I can also make some online shopping, surf United State websites. Try this out you will love it. Feel like an American with your P.C. right from your home anywhere around the world. These are HTTP Secure Tunnel does for me.
  • Need to bypass any firewall.
  • Need secure internet browsing.
  • Need to use favorite programs without being monitored by work, school, ISP or Government.
  • Extra security for online transactions
  • Encrypt all your Internet traffic.
  • Need play online games.
  • Visit sites that you are previously blocked.
  • Prevent 3rd party monitoring or regulation of your Internet browsing and downloads.
  • Use your favorite applications previously blocked.
  • Hide your IP address.
  • Make it next to impossible for you to identify online.
  • Free unlimited data transfer.
  • Compatible with most major Internet applications.
  • Secure and virus-free servers.
  • 99% uptime.
  • No spam, pop-ups, or banners.
  • This is how it works, Click here to download . Download HTTP-Tunnel v4.4.4000 [.exe] (176kB) After downloading, Install, the after installations restart your System. Click on the installed HTTP Secure Tunnel save on your desktop, or Document, or downloads. NB: If you want a faster download and upload with HTTP Secure Tunnel, you need to disable any Anti-Virus on your system. Step 1: After downloading, Run the application.
    Step 2: Click on Next.
    Step 3: Click Install.
    Step 4: An error message might pop-up, click on Retry. Then go to your browser setting, Navigate to the Sever proxy, On Google Chrome: Go to Option – Settings –Show advanced settings – Change proxy setting – Connection – LAN Setting – Check Automatically detect Setting, Use a proxy server for your LAN and check Bypass proxy server for local address. Make sure in the advance part, is filled with Port 1080 On Firefox: Go to Option – Advance – Setting – Check Manual proxy configuration – Fill the HTTP Proxy with Port 1080, then check use the proxy server for all protocol. Then close.
    Step 5: Launch the HTTP Secure Tunnel Download, Click yes then it will demand for a subscription code, click on Use Free Service.
    Also check your HTTP Secure Tunnel setting is checked (No Proxy, Only a Firewall) Start enjoying surfing from your home feeling like you are in the United State. Visit to confirm your location.

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